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What is Remixnetwork? Remixnetwork, owned/founded by Adam Brown aka DJ A.D. Established Back Early 2008, Is a Talent Agency + UNIVERSITY of DJs/Artists/Teachers & Fashion Designers sponsored by DJ International Worldiwde. …We welcome all and any talented/passionate aspiring individuals. The purpose is to "network" and connect w/the community worldwide. On the other hand, we also offer "live" entertainment, music production, branding, online promotion + event staffing. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST: SIGN-UP TODAY! WWW.REMIXNETWORK.FANBRIDGE.COM Busniess Hours: Mon - 10am - 4pm Tues - 10am-10pm Wed - 10am-10pm Thurs- 10am-4pm Friday - Off (Weekend Individual Lessons, 2 weeks prior notice) CONTACT US... Adam Brown, Melissa Raynor, Mike Mooring Office#: (609)-731-9539 Remixnetwork, LLC

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Hailing from Princeton New Jersey. Adam Brown, otherwise known as DJ A.D. showcases his many talents, passion and love for music when performing LIVE! Since age 13, he began practicing by mixing tracks in his basement/studio. DJ A.D. lives in the now, and always looks to grow and channel his energy and skill into other areas of interest, maximizing his potential as a dj/remixer and artist.

Recently, he began to expand and network with some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as: "Fatman Scoop and the "mixmaster" DJ Excel aka Marcus Roberts of DJ International Worldwide. DJ A.D. spins a variety of genres from Top 40, Vocal House, Electro, Dubstep, Dirty Dutch, Rock, Oldskool, Funk and Oldies. His greatest accomplishments to date, is his creation & foundation: "The Everything Mixtape Vol.1, 2 and Worldwide Edition! They are a series of separate mixed cd’s, that display his talent, knowledge and diversity of music; not just as a dj/remixer/producer, but as an artist. His all-time "top downloads" come from: YOURREMIX, CRACK4DJS & AV8RECORDS.

"If you’re in a nightclub or listening to the radio, chances are you've heard one of his transitions, party breaks, mashups and/or remixes." Ever since he started producing for various remixing services/websites, he’s sold over 40,000 records to other dj/artist[s] in the USA, UK, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and China.

ULTIMATELY, A.D.'s main goal is to hype up the crowd and please his audience with intensity and consistency! Performing, in front of a crowd, transforms, empowers and allows him to stay focused and mix various tracks and "live remixes." His motto/tagline has changed from "spins anything you desire" to "'s everything!" He interacts with people on a personal level and dedicates his focus and attention to their interests. His desire to please others enhances his performance.
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NEWEST REMIXNETWORKDJ: DVJ MATT ALLEN: Electro Mash / Urban House Record Label Remix Network / IndyMojo / G9 Collective / Blend


..some say his style is like no other, an evolved fusion of todays chart topping hits with classic throwbacks of yesteryear. DJ Richie Rich takes you on a energetic musical journey each and every time he hits the decks.

DJ Richie Rich is a Bath/Rochester-based DJ, who can be seen and heard at many of the city & surrounding area's most popular bars & nightclubs, special events & parties.

In 2011, being known for his seamless beatmatching and party mixes, DJ Richie Rich has gained the recognition of the nationally known DJ group RemixNetworkDJs and has officially became there newest member.

Currently, you can catch DJ Richie Rich promoting himself online and creating some of the hottest party mixes for RemixNetworkDJs & DJ Richie Rich can also be found packing dancefloors at various bars & nightclubs in the Twin Tiers.


..Electro house, hip hop, urban house, electro mash, dub music. Combining the soul of hip hop with the funk and energy of hard electro/dubstep with exclusive music and video production and DJ performances.

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Has a solid eight years under his belt. His name reflects his Zodiac sign (Gemini) and DJ style. Whether it's House, Hip-Hop, Top 40, or Rock, GemZ always adds his own ear candy and creative outlet to spice things up. His style allows him to produce ear friendly blends of Hip-Hop with House, House with Rock, or even Hip Hop & Rock. He has been working on a style called Hip-House or Dirty Bird.His house style gravitates towards Electro, Tribal, and Progressive (Vox). Early in his career GemZ became know for his prominent ability to record well flowing Mash Ups as well as perform them live on the spot. He believes in the performance aspect as much as DJing and believes the audience deserves something special. GemZ holds down Clubs & Lounges in his home town of Staten Island... as well as Jersey, Long Island and the remaining boroughs of NYC. GemZ is a recent addition to the ELECTRO SOUND CREW.

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Remixer/Producer in Partybreaks, Blends and Remixes which are played in Clubs all around the World. So if you really like to party - you better watch out for the one and only DJ Escobar... One Love

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Based out of Greenville, NC representing East Carolina University and Eastern NC. Bogz has been dj'ing for about 3 years and remixing for less than a year. His remixes,mash-ups and blends have been well accepted by many dj's across the globe and even though he is still learning and not quite a household name you don't want to sleep on his remixes. DJ Bogz is honored to be apart of Remix Network and only promises to put out the best of everything he can get his hands on.

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From Sardinia,Italia! The preferred music genres that are: Hip Hop, R & B and House, DJ CAR is a manufacturer of remix: partybreak / blend.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Born and raised in New Jersey, Bill’s first inspiration came from the scratching techniques of Funk Master Flex on Hot 97.1. As the early nineties sprayed the airwaves with an array of hip-hop musicians such as EPMD, Redman, and Public Enemy, Bill found further motivation in their music and embraced his true calling.Producing was now a new infatuation as Anthony mentored Bill through the ins and outs – from the techniques of mixing to programming. From that point on, “B. Original” started handing out house demos to NYC DJs such as Erick Morillo and Danny Teneglia. From there, these NYC spin stars then began airing Bill’s mash-ups at their resident hot spots and at the Winter Music Conference.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Started DJ-ing professionally in the early setbacks of the year 2003 and has established himself as one of the highly recognized DJ’s in Ipoh. Golden Munky has built a reputation throughout the years as a versatile DJ through his trademark microphone skills and the ability to not only remix songs but also to produce his own composition. One of the rarest talents the clubbing scene has ever seen, Golden Munky is not only a full-fledged DJ, but a natural born entertainer, his love & passion towards music has made him able to play any type of music at anytime.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Born in Missoula, MT as Colin Marshall, he fell in love with hip-hop at the tender age of 7 while watching Dr. Dre's music video for "Dre Day" with his older brother, which exposed him to a world of funky basslines and slick lyrics that changed his life forever. He was hooked immediately and from then on has immersed himself in music. Getting his first pair of turntables as a freshman in high school, Coma DJ'd mostly as a hobby and to entertain friends at house parties. The name Coma was derived by combining the first two letters of his first and last name, but when he is spinning, you will be anything but asleep. Coma's mixing, beat matching and all around fundamentals on the decks are second to none and a 6th sense for knowing what will get the crowd hyped is one of his greatest assets. With his professionalism and work ethic paired with his natural talent, there is no question the sky is the limit for this young DJ. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride. This star in the making is on the rise!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic A premier open format REMIXER, mashing all forms of music from top 40 to electro blending different formats including rock (classic & indie), 80's, hip-hop, R&B and house music.

born and raised in The Big Apple, has certainly stormed onto the DJ scene as a talent to be reckoned with. Spinning live across the New York and Tri-State area, DJ Ekses brings pure originality to each and every venue he spins at. Mixing not only Top 40 and House music, DJ Ekses has the ability to throw in next to any genre to keep the party going all night long. Having worked with HYPERaCTIVE on previous tracks they produced for him and collaberations on various music productions, DJ Ekses now has his own remixes, mash-ups, and blends featured all over the web. Having spun already for four years, DJ Ekses at the tender age of seventeen is already a formidable talent that is to not be overlooked

For years AngelProDj has come to produce some of the greatest remix trax, mashups and blendz of all time. Spinnin' anywhere from dance to hip hop, electro and house, AngelProDj can be considered one of a kind with his unique techniques and style that has been introduced to the DJ business . Three years and counting, he has come to produce some of the hottest music played amongst the clubs today. Check'em Out and Get Your AngelProDj Remixes Now!

Born And Raised In New York And Can Rock Parties For Any Occasion. DJ Mike G has been a DJ for 10 years now and can bring down the house With his Mixes. He started when he was 13 and from there on out hes been into mixing and loves it with a passion. He Loves to do the mashups and blends.